I believe that preventing illness is always preferable to treating illness. At Shakti Qi I customize my approach to help every patient, individually or in groups, to attain optimal health and balance.


To provides a space that is safe, comfortable and nurturing. In an environment to obtain, promote, and maintain optimal balance.


Shakti Qi values integrity, relationships, diversity and support for your optimal health.

about Shakti Qi

The name, Shakti Qi, evolved from two main disciplines and philosophies: Ayurvedic Medicine (Indian Classical Medicine) and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Separated, each word has strong meanings and connections to each other and between the two disciplines. 


Shakti, has connections spiritually, being the name of a Hindu Goddess and principles of divine energy. It evokes the symbolism and connotations of inner power and strength, ability, act of nurturing, and capability along with having Shakti you have the energy and inner strength to engage with life in a meaningful way.


Generally translated in TCM, Qi is the concept of energy; moving and guiding, the primal force from which everything is created and will be recreated. Like Shakti, being the inner energy and strength, it gives the ability to engage with life in a meaningful way.

Both hold the essence of the life force and strength of keeping us healthy and alive allowing us to grow and regrow. In both traditions there is the flow of dual energies, which moves and nourishes, usually given the masculine and feminine elements, though they are more about the passive and the active elements that work together.

In Ayurveda this is known as Purusha and Prakriti and in TCM Yin and Yang. In both traditions, these two concepts cannot exist without the other and work in harmony. These two elements are found in both Shakti and QiShakti being similar to Yin and having the essence of Yang within, while Qi being more Yang but having the essence of Yin within.



I take pride with Shakti Qi in the values of always acting with integrity, keeping true, honest and genuine with patients. Building and nurturing supportive relationships, embrace the diversity in which we live, and doing what it takes to keep focused on the primary goal of ensuring you achieve your health goals.

Connecting and becoming a part of Shakti Qi we will begin a journey building a relationship based on trust, honesty, mutual respect, and collaboration to keep you at your optimum health.

Shakti Qi embraces and celebrates the diversity we live in here in Canada. Being a part of this multicultural, multiracial, and multifaceted society gives us the opportunity to experience, share and understand other people’s values making us stronger, united, and progressive.

Delivering outstanding treatments to patients requires diligent work and dedication. I continue to expand my knowledge by attending post graduate seminars at various institutions and reading about new and different ways of working, as well as learning and sharing from mentors and colleagues within the field.