Your First Visit

To prepare for your treatment

Prior to initial visit, Patients are required to complete the intake form. Some information required will include: your personal information, medical history, primary reason for your visit, general questions about your health. You are advised to ensure a nourishing meal is eaten within three hours prior to treatment or a snack at minimum.

Loose, comfortable clothing is best, as Acupuncture therapy involves palpation and treatment of various parts of the body. Draping will be provided to ensure modesty, as there may be need to remove articles of clothing to access areas of the body during the treatment. Please refrain from wearing excessive jewelry, as some metals may interfere with the ease of the therapy. I ask that you refrain from wearing perfume, strongly scented oils or lotions on the days of your treatments. Please avoid discolouring your tongue before a treatment (berries, tea, coffee, milky foods, candy).

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Your First Visit

Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your appointment, more if you prefer to complete the Intake Form at the clinic. The information provided is necessary to get started on the road to optimum health. If you have any questions, please make a list and bring it with you or email in advance and we can discuss during the visit. Your first visit is a longer session which includes the intake of your main concerns, assessments and a treatment, along with a treatment plan that would benefit and aid in helping resolve the concerns.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation consists of an in-depth question conversation which will cover more intricate details about your primary health concerns, and state of health as a whole. It will also address any questions you might have. Using two traditional diagnostic techniques, I may take a look at your tongue and feel your pulse, to help give a more complete picture of your health. There might also be a physical examination, palpating areas of concern, if needed, depending on what the primary concern might be. With this health data collected, I then form a diagnosis and determine a course of treatment. In this manner, your treatment is unique and customized to you as an individual.


Given the consultative nature of your initial visit, your first treatment will include a session of a single therapy (such as Acupuncture), or a combination of therapies, as much as time permits. Future sessions will be longer in duration and will go further to treat your underlying condition. While most patients feel rested and relaxed after Acupuncture, some may feel disoriented. It is a good idea to take some time to yourself after a treatment.

What is and isn't included with your treatment

Depending on you Treatment Plan one or several different modalities might be used, unless indicated, are included within the cost of an Acupuncture treatment. For example, cupping, moxibustion, DNA, Tui’na/massage, etc. where any of these might be used during the treatment. Additions like the Acu-Injections, if needed and included as part of the Acupuncture treatment, would be at a cost of just the materials and not as it is reflected in the Rates page.